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  • FAType2Round of portable concrete mixer
    The characteristics of small concrete mixer 1.Concrete mixer body for all steel quality, and the service life is long。 2Concrete mixer equipped with big wheels,Very easy
  • FBPortable mobile concrete mixer
    ​【Product parameters】:CapacityCapacity:350;NW/The net weight:325;RPM of Drum/Barrels rotational speed:2
  • FC4Round of portable concrete mixer
    FC4Round of portable concrete mixer,Drive with three different ways,Can according to your specific needs,According to the different drive,With the volume
  • FD4Belting leather hydraulic hopper concrete mixer
    【Product parameters】:CapacityCapacity:700;NW/The net weight:670;RPM of Drum/Barrels rotational speed:17
  • Brick making machine
    【Product parameters】:Appearance of size:1940(L)×1260(W)×1170(H)mm The work cycle:45
  • The scale
    【Product parameters】:The vibration frequency:4200VPM(FVP208),The centrifugal force:15KN(FVP208),15KN(
The companyThe general situation
(Because professional,So great)Was established2005Years of laizhou cik machinery is located in China's shandong province laizhou cheng guo industrial park,Covers an area of10300Square meters。Factory specialized in construction machinery production of mixer,Has a strong production capacity and advanced technology,Best-selling products for capacity260LTo the800LA blender,Can be used in mixing concrete,Medicinal herbs,Feed, etc,With its beautiful appearance of our products,Stable performance,Excellent quality win the favor of customers at home and abroad and praise。Cik machinery will, as always, the implementation of strict quality control system,Continuously meet the needs of the customers,Look forward to working with you hand in hand,Create brilliant!
Modern scientific management planning operations,Complete all kinds of technical personnel,Office condition is superior,Advanced facilities,To enter the substantive work played a solid foundation。Welcome people with lofty ideals,Participate in the development of the company。
  • FB model concrete mi
  • The concrete mixer assembly video01
  • Concrete mixer in video02
  • The use of the plate ram video
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